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Naruto and Sasuke

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Naruto and Sasuke
Hello and welcome to naruto_x_sasuke!

This is a new community created to provide a place where fans of Naruto and Sasuke as a pairing can share fandom news and information.

This community is not intended to be a clone of sasuxnaru, naruxsasu, sasunaru, or any other pre-existing community. Please try to avoid cross-posting content between this community and sasuxnaru.

The above guideline is especially crucial while we are still a small community with few members/watchers. If people can get the exact same content on sasuxnaru, there will be no reason for people to join or watch this community - which will kill off activity here on naruto_x_sasuke and cause our community to eventually die out.

If you NEED to cross-post please try to make the actual post here and have the other post(s) link to here.

That said, cross-posting is not against the rules, but the more unique content we have posted here, the faster our community will grow and become a more fun place for members to be!

Here are some general guidelines for posting here while we get ourselves off the ground - these will be organized into official community rules in time.

1) Posts must be related to both Naruto and Sasuke. Both NaruSasu and SasuNaru are welcome here, as well as any other possible order/combination of Naruto and Sasuke - NaruNaruSasuNaruNaru? Switching? No problem! (The pairing will henceforth be referred to as "SasuNaru" for simplicity.)

2) Do post relevant content-finds and news! No matter how small of a tidbit, if it's exciting and relevant to SasuNaru, we would love to hear about it. Whether it's a manga/anime spoiler or a new official poster of Sasuke and Naruto that you want to share, post it! Content doesn't have to be new, either; if you notice something cool from going back and reading the manga, go ahead and share it with us! For more ideas of what kind of content we want to see, check out the entry tags page here!

3) Do post your questions and opinions - discussion posts are welcome! But please keep it civil - bashing/insulting others' opinions is not allowed. Arguing why you prefer SasuNaru over NaruSasu (or vice versa) is fine, but calling someone who disagrees with you "stupid" is not.

4) Do make recommendations! If you just found a really cool piece of fanart, or just read a thrilling fic, share it with us! Even better would be sharing the link to a fanartist's site that has a collection of fanart, or your entire archive of recommended fics!

5) Do NOT post your own fics or sketches unless it is a significant body of work. (For example: an entire doujinshi you drew, a sizeable collection of drawings, or a completed fic.) The ONLY exceptions to this rule are either if a) you have prior approval to post your fic/fanart, or b) you are offering sketches/drabbles (explained below in #6). We're sorry to disallow such basic elements of fandom here, and this rule may be removed in the future, but for now it is necessary while we're still starting out, in order to avoid this community being entirely spammed with fic WIPs and sketches. If you would like to post your in-progress fics and sketches in order to receive comments and feedback, please post it at sasuxnaru instead. Similarly, do not make icon posts here unless you are sharing a significant number of SasuNaru related icons.

6) Interactiveness is good! Whether you are a creative type and would like to offer up some of your own drawings or writings, or you just thought of a juicy prompt and would love to throw it out there, don't hold back! Perhaps you've written one line to start a fic - invite the other members to continue it! Or introduce a spontaneous SasuNaru role play... Use your imagination.

7) Do NOT advertise other communities on naruto_x_sasuke. Posting "finds", however, is OK! In other words, if you found something cool on another community and wish to make a post with a link, that's fine.

8) Sale posts are allowed, as long as you are selling goods relevant to SasuNaru.

9) Friends-lock any post with copyrighted content or sensitive information. This can include, but is not limited to: fanart that you did not draw, doujinshi scans, manga scans, music or anime download links, explicit/adult content, and major spoilers.

10) Put any huge posts (with multiple/large images or a large block of text) behind an LJ-cut!)

11) Tag your posts! This will make it easier to search for posts in the future. If you think a new tag should be added, feel free to comment on the feedback page (TBA).

For now, new members' posting privileges will be moderated - please make posts freely, but know that it may be a while before your post shows up. If you would like to be granted unmoderated posting access, it should be granted automatically after you make a few posts. If you would like unmoderated posting access faster, please request it here (TBA) after you've read the rules.

Thank you, and have fun!